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How do I send out a text message to my customers?

If you already have customers added, then go to Texting. Once there, where it says "Send out a new SMS..." type in your text message, set the send date/time, and select what group of customers should receive it. Click "Send" and boom, you've sent your first text message to customers!

How do I add my customers to the customer list?

You can add customers in the Dashboard or Customers pages. Once there, where it says "Add new customer..." type their name, phone number, and what type of customer they are. Click "Add" and they're in your customer list now.

How do I use a sign-up keyword?

You can create a keyword for each of your customer groups on the Settings page where it says "Group Keywords...". Any phone number that texts that keyword to your phone number listed on that page will be added to the corresponding customer group.

How do customers unsubscribe from my messages?

You can delete/unsubscribe the customer from your SMS Systems storage in the Customers page. Alternatively, the customer can text back "STOP" to any of your messages. (If they text back "STOP", they must text back "UNSTOP" and be re-added to a group before they can receive any further messages from you.)

When/How am I billed?

You will be billed once a month and the renew date is listed in the Billing page. Every time your SMS Systems subscription is billed your payment method will be charged your plan price, and your available text count will be reset to your plan's count.

What kind of number do my customers see when I send them a text?

When you are on one of our paid subscription plans you are assigned your own unique 10-digit phone number. If you are an existing subscriber, your unique number is listed on your Account and Settings pages.

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